Bear Vs. Salmon APK FREE Download   Latest Version

Bear Vs. Salmon APK FREE Download Latest Version

Description of Bear Vs. Salmon

Bear Vs. Salmon APK is popular Android app in ActionAction & Adventure category and has been rated by it’s 9 users. Bear Vs. Salmon was developed by developer_name and it was last updated on . This app is already running in 10+ Android devices. You can also download Bear Vs. Salmon APK file from the above download button. We are providing you Bear Vs. Salmon version apk file of this app. You require device to run this app. As this app is compatible with this version only.

About Bear Vs. Salmon App

Bear Vs. Salmon is an Epic Action Arcade Nature Game for Kids and Adults alike. This indie title accurately portrays the age-old struggle between Hungry Bears and Salmon. The amazing look and feel alone is enough to draw you in. Players will be delighted by the satisfying sound of coins popping from each caught fish!

The whole family can try their luck and test their skill at catching as many salmon as possible before the time runs out in this heart-warming indie game. Help this hungry bear stock up on food for hibernation. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the shameless puns and honey filled humor. Shameless puns like, “The Right To Bear Arms”, “Bear of Bad News”, and “10000 Fish in the Air” will keep you laughing for days! This game doesn’t take it self too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. It is, in fact, quite ridiculous!

Bear versus Salmon has the potential to be the most downloaded indie game in 2017! Sporting Old School Retro 2D Pixel Artwork, Hand crafted nature scenery, and beautiful animations of the great outdoors, Bear Vs. Salmon is sure to capture your heart. This is an indie throwback to the old school retro games from the days of super nintendo! Kids love the challenge and the frantic action. Parents love the fact that their children are playing a safe, wholesome natural game reminiscent of the old school 8-bit or 16-bit games of their childhood. Everyone can enjoy the challenge of achieving a high score and posting it on their local leaderboard. Show off your high score to your friends.

Delight in the power of controlling a 600 pound Grizzly Bear! Swipe upward to make this powerful bear jump high into the air to snatch the salmon in mid-flight. Swipe downward slam back to earth and feel the ground shake as you lay the smackdown on some mindless salmon! Fans of Nostalgia can now bask in the glow of this nostalgic indie game pleasure!

Earn 9 different achievements to unlock hand crafted artwork assets:
– Epic skins including Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear, and Robot Bear!
– Beautiful pixel art animated scenery including Alaskan Summer, Alaskan Winter, Night Fishing, and Futuristic Neon Cyber-City!
– Crazy salmon including King Salmon, Neon Salmon, and Robot Salmon!
– Additional Retro Synthwave music by NightGlyph (that’s me)!

Two Game Modes:
– Arcade: Catch as many salmon as possible before time runs out.
– Extreme: Catch as many salmon as possible in a row. Miss one and you must START ALL OVER!

Bear Versus Salmon is surprisingly relaxing and easy to pick up, but quickly becomes a hardcore challenge as the score increases and the rate of the salmon onslaught is dialed to 11!

Disclaimer: Your children will want to play this game for hours on end. While this wholesome nature simulator is educational, and a favorite among parents, it is still best to encourage them to get up and go outside once in a while.
Put Bear Vs. Salmon on your wallpaper to remind yourself to challenge your high score!

As the salmon march onward with madness in their eyes, it is up to one bear to control their ceaseless immigration into the bear homeland! As the flappy salmon launch towards you, fly like a bird through the air to intercept them.
Released March 10th 2017
– A relaxing and challenging bear simulator.
– Swipe up to make the bear jump.
– Swipe down while in the air to make it slam down.
– Two game modes: Extreme and Arcade.
– A synthwave soundtrack.
– Amazing retro style pixel artwork.
– Complete achievements to unlock new bears, new salmon, new levels, and music.
– Compete with your friends for the highest score.
Screen navigation from the Game Over screen has been enhanced.
It is now easier to choose initials for high scores. (larger bounding box)
Lock Icons and Star Icons on the Customize screen show which assets are locked or unlocked.
App Icon has been updated.
Play Store graphics have been enhanced.

When you download Bear Vs. Salmon app, to install it on your phone, you need to turn on Unknown source option. As you have downloaded direct apk file. If you have any issue in running Bear Vs. Salmon apk file in your device. Do let us know.

App Information of Bear Vs. Salmon

App Name Bear Vs. Salmon
Package Name com.nightglyph.bearvssalmon
Rating ( 9 )
Installs 10+

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